5 Reasons to Stay at theLAB

You never know how much you need a breakaway until you actually take one. theLab, Robertson served up the perfect recipe for a well-deserved R&R with its charming ambiance matched with the serenity of nature. Unlock 5 reasons why your next vacation should be at theLAB.

1. The Scenic Drive

Your holiday at theLab starts way before you even arrive at the guesthouse. The 2-hour drive from Cape Town sets the tone as you drive through the Hugenoot Tunnel into what seems to be the set of Narnia.

You are left gobsmacked by the majestic beauty of the towering mountains around you with warm sunset hues painted on the rear-view mirror.

It’s an explosion of the colours of nature, and you feel your worries of deadlines and the stress of everyday routine slowly drift away.

2. Settle into Comfort

Step into a world of relaxation from the moment you set foot in the rooms of theLAB. The amenities and features provide those ‘pinch me’ moments.

The rooms are kitted out with state of the art technology tailored to ensure you have a blissful stay. Everything is at your fingertips. Each of the rooms have the Amazon Echo device, which allows you the convenience of creating an experience to your level of relaxation. I found myself saying ‘Echo – Play Bazzi, Paradise‘ quite a bit on our stay. For an elevated experience, each room has mood-lighting to create a soothing and luxurious ambience.

The friendliness of the staff at theLAB adds to the overall experience offering warm smiles and hospitality.

It’s just you and the sounds of nature serenading you into a state of peace. At night you can hear the orchestra sounds of frogs and crickets while the jovial chirps of the local birdlife are your morning alarm.

ECHO, BLINDS UP. You are blessed with the fantastic views of the countryside from the comfort of your bedroom. Sip on a cup of coffee and watch the horses graze and listen to the gentle bleats of the herd of goats frolicking in the fields.

3. Food with a View

Start your day off with a hearty buffet breakfast with all of your favourites while you relax on the deck overlooking the pond which catches the morning rays creating a mesmerising shimmer. Guests of theLAB have access to the honesty bar throughout the day with a selection of gin on tap and more. We were treated to a braai on Saturday of palate-pleasing flavours.

4. Eat • Sleep • Explore • Repeat

theLAB offers a bounty of activities to keep you busy on your stay. In all honesty, you will find yourself spending most of your day living your best Kardashian life lazing at the poolside taking periodic dips in the inviting waters of the infinity pool with breathtaking views.

If you’re keen on exploring the surrounding area, you can hire an electric scooter or bicycle and zip through Robertson. Keen on a souvenir scavenger hunt? Make a stop at the Owl’s Rest Olive and Lavender Farm nestled in the foothills of Langeberg mountains and surrounded by beauty. Meander through the working lavender farm, pick up a few of their herbal products or enjoy some tea in the gardens. A trip to Robertson would not be complete without taking a picture with the hay sculptures at Affieplaas Farm Stall. Take a stroll through the indoor market and enjoy the selection of locally-produced items and good.

End your day, soaking up the tranquillity of the night in the private jacuzzi or watching a movie on Netflix.

5. An Eco-Friendly Experience

Eco-friendly travel is a 2020 trend and theLAB is continually trying to improve ways to minimise their carbon footprint. The modern rooms are inline with theLAB’s eco-conscious ‘green’ ethos, and everything is powered by solar-derived energy.

Each guest is given a glass bottle(which is returned at the end of the stay) to minimise the use of plastic products.

theLAB uses friendly to nature soaps, lotions and shampoos from the Owl’s Rest.

It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the stay, and I was tempted to jump in the jacuzzi one last time before I left. I know this tranquil and picturesque guest house deserves a second visit and maybe even visit their other establishments.

One thought on “5 Reasons to Stay at theLAB

  1. Wow! what a beautiful and tranquil setting. The fact that it’s an eco-friendly establishment makes it even more reason for a visit. Will definitely visit the next time I’m in Cape Town

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